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has anyone removed the rear caliper from it's bracket?

I just had the wheel off last week and it's such a pain sometimes (that time worse than ever by far!) that i really don't want to do it again till i need a tire. But my pads are almost totally gone. Someone at the other forum said their mechanic replaced the pads by taking the caliper off the bracket so he could get to everything w/o removing the wheel. There is nothing in the manual showing how it comes off, probably because of the fact triumph specs the entire caliper and bracket as one replaceable part, that is you cannot replace anything, just the entire thing ! so they don't show how, and it's hard to see. there are rubber caps over what i think are the bolts to remove it, but they don't come off easy and seem like they'd be impossible to put back on if removed. So i was hoping someone could hip me to this procedure or removing the caliper from the bracket. i gotta tell ya, this bike is the hardest bike i've ever had to work on !
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