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Originally Posted by RDMC_Sage View Post
I don't have a Thunderbird yet, but I was planning on getting one next Spring. This whole tire situation is giving me pause though. I don't ride a ton, but I'll put 5-7k miles on a year. From the sound of it, I'd need to be looking at new tires every year...and they aren't cheap. I guess I'll hold onto the Bonneville a bit longer, or look at some Thunderbird alternatives, if there aren't better tire options within the next year or so.

I totally understand, a bigger bike equals greater cost of ownership, generally...but this seems a bit ridiculous.
It'll be the same with any big bike, tho if the rear tire is less than 200 your options will skyrocket. 190 rear sizes seem to the the point after which most manufacturers don't make a lot of tires. But also you need to know that there are guys getting 10k on thiers, so it may have to do with the conditions of the roads you frequent and your driving hard or soft your braking is, how hard you ride overall. And lastly, in time there will be more available, tho not sure how much more if any by the time you're ready to buy.
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