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NOT a matched set within Triumph specs

Originally Posted by stevewal View Post
Hey Dazco,
Not real sure who is sugaring your tea lately,but Avon have been making matched Cobras for a while now .
I have a set fitted and have almost 7000k on them and looking really good at this juncture.
Yep...Cobra front... and...Cobra rear.
From my understanding, the Avon set you talk about is not an appropriate set according to the specs for the rear by Triumph.

"Cobra AV72 (rear) 200/55R17 78V MT6.25 6.00 - 6.50 198 7.8 658 25.9 6.8" is on the current Avon site.

The profile of that tire is different than the 200/50R17 tire spec recommended by Triumph. Dazco is correct in saying there is currently no matched set for the Thunderbird from Avon. Interest in Avon is because these tires generally get better lifetime use, compared to the Metzelers and offer good rain performance too. Every time I contact Avon, they say "about 6 months" till a matched set is available. At this point, I believe I will put on the Storm Ultra 2 rear and keep the Metzeler front in place. I too would rather have a matched set in the Ultra 2, but Avon does not yet offer one. When and if they do, I will be first in line to buy them.
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