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Originally Posted by cocoselect View Post
Thinking of the Thunderbird and trading in the speedmaster finally. Curious to see if Thunderbird is appropriate for my kind of riding. Mostly city driving and secondary back roads. Generally little to no highways. What gears are you using for city driving and back roads?
What percentage between commuting or riding for pleasure?

I can see that using a Thunderbird just for commuting might not give you the chance of stress free leisurely riding.

All my riding is for leisure, no daily commuting, I choose where I go when I go out for a ride. Just catch traffic in the evenings when going for a ride after work.

Luckily I live within a couple of miles of open countryside. I couldn't live in a big city like London, too much traffic, to much stress, everyone in a hurry to get to the next set of traffic lights.

How far are you from the country roads? As all ready posted, many of us find an excuse to go for a ride.

Are you able to have one for a test drive, long enough to take it out on the quieter country roads?

For some, riding a Thunderbird is addictive, any excuse to take it out.
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