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Originally Posted by pgarvis View Post
I hadn't rode a bike in 20 years when I bought my storm, and in like 30 mins it felt natural. It's a great bike that fits all levels of bike riding experience IMO.

Don't let the size and weight scare you, she is pretty nimble and handles very well.

Just my 2-cents
Have not had a bike since 1975, bought an America three years ago, hardly rode it, was on 2,500 miles when I bought it traded it in after 2 years just over 3,000 miles.

Dropped in local Triumph dealer and borrowed a Thunderbird 1600, did about 5 miles, went back to dealer and traded in the America.

The Thunderbird does feel heavier, yet seemed a lot easier to ride than the America.

Around town I guess I use 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear.

Country roads. I find I'm in 4th and 5th, use engine braking approaching the corners and accelerate out, it pulls well.

I fitted gear indicator to remind me what gear I am in, which for me I find useful.

Now done about 1200 miles, live in the town and have to filter through the traffic to get out past the ring road into the country, it feels a bit heavy in town, but the balance seems better than the America.

The America felt odd, but the Thunderbird feels like its on rails.

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