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Originally Posted by TBird View Post
Thanks Will, good point hadn't thought about that, but I should be able to keep it under A$1000.

BTW do you remember how much Detroit charged you freight on the seat?

their site says $50 for all overseas order ( free for over $1000 but then you have customs problems )

I cant remember what my costs was as I added a Balsham jacket to the order so 2 separate items showed on my visa statement..... $339.61 & $357.39 which is pretty good for a jacket and seat

I ordered all my quick release sissy bar etc from madss but only ever put this on or the longhaul seat on when I go for a long ride on a weekend...... just have the original seat minus the passenger seat and it looks great this way most of the time

its true, the older you get the crankier you get
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