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I don't think it was the belt, but in any case i pulled the wheel, cleaned out the cush drive and lightly lubed it, cleaned all the grease in the spacers and axl and all that and re-greased and adjusted the belt how i had it and it's gone. Also blew out the rear brake with air and cleaned and lightly lubed the pistons. I gotta tell you, i have taken the back wheel off 3-4 times and this time it was a freakin' nightmare like never before ! Not sure why this time it was so much worse, but i was ready burn that [email protected] bike. When I finally got it on it was like an orgasm ! It's never a picnic but man, what was happening this time i just don't know. Took me about 10 times as long !

By the way, the adjustment mickey did when he put the new warranty belt on was never touched, so it shouldn't have been that. He has the proper alignment tool and all that and know a lot about belts being that he works on victorys and harleys as well. So i doubt it was that, which is why i marked where it was very accurately and set it back in the same place.
Oh, and wombat....thanks for the tip. Whether or not it was that it may be worth trying that stuff anyways just to keep that from happening.

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