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Hi Marc

Love the tool roll on top of the twin headlight looks like it was made to fit there.

The Triumph bags don't quick release, you need to get after market brackets to be able to take them off when not using them. Unless you want to unbolt them every time.

I bought some easy brackets but not finished fitting them yet to get around this. There has been some complaints about the Triumph bags sagging, mine have started to do this. I guess they're really semi rigid bags. But I don't mind a bit of sag on the lids, though I reckon I could get it fixed as I can see why it is happening.

I think knowing what I know now I'd go for some quick release brackets and then you can mount hard bags or leathers semi's as you like. The Triumph bags are good enough but for the same money you can get the quick release option and a wider choice of bags to hang on them.

However, you can buy the Triumph bags without the Triumph fixing kit but the backs of the bags aren't flat so it's not a straight forward job to fit them, though I think it could be less bothersome than I first thought. So maybe it's an option iof you like the look of them.
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