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Might be in trouble...

...cause I found a used T-Bird and I think I need to buy it! I would like to ask y'all about some of the many accessories that are on this bike and get your opinions to see if this is really the bike for me.

It's a 2010 T-Bird with ABS, the 1700 kit, and 7200 miles.

It has the short muffler kit. Is this a good thing? Louder? I don't necessarily need/want louder, but I do believe it is a performance upgrade that I would probably love. Any other benefits to having the short pipes?

It has a headlight cowl. Not a fan. And the stock headlight bucket is not available. Is this a hard thing to find? Anyone have any leads? I assume at worst it's something I can get from the local Triumph dealer. Or is there another headlight option I might want to consider?

It has the Twin-T handlebars. How do these compare to the stock (which I did like)? More comfy or less ergonomic?

Other add-ons seem to be floorboards and a solo seat (although the rear seat is available too).

It's being advertised at $11,999 (US) and still has 1.5 years left on the factory warranty. Oh and it's silver, the second fastest color I believe.

Good deal? I'm gonna go check it very soon, I just like to be armed with info from people more knowledgable than myself. Thanks much.
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