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Faulty Speedo's & ABs

Took the bike in to get the last 2 recalls or whatever they are called fixed. That was done but when I went to pick it up they noticed that the ABS was not working and the light didnt come on.

Left the bike and went back to pick it up today and they found the problem, they put the wrong speedo on the bike. Apparently if your bike has ABS brakes you their is a slight difference between speedos. Anyway now have my original speedo back on ( with the cap in the centre ) and will hopefully get a replacement put on next week.

What happened with me was when I went into see them about the faulty speedo for the 4th time they noticed one new speedo had come in and put that on to satisfy me.

I have done over 1300 k's with the new speedo and didnt even realise that ABS didnt work or that the ABS light didnt light when starting the bike.....

So atm, its back to square one.........

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