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Well, there have been 2 sources that have said the BB kit has hotter cams than the factory 1700. Whether that meant the limited run of 1700's they sold with the blue or red haze paint and the bagger, both of which are gone, or whether it also includes the storm i don't know. I also don't know if it's true. The mechanic who BB'd mine is also the USA fleet manager for triumph who works on all the press bikes....demos, magazine review bikes, etc. He told me the BB cams are hotter than the factory 1700's. This was before the storm came out tho. His word is better than most, tho i still can't trust it fully. Then someone posted that thier dealer said the same thing. So that makes it much more likely to be true. But again we have no definitive answer so till then all we can say for sure is the storm and a BB'd bird differ only cosmetically and in the bars and headlights.
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