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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Even the 1700 is going to leave you wanting more compared to the r3. Short TORs and dizze's custom map will make it much better, but still you aren't going to feel it's real close to any R3, probably even your R3T. Why don't you just put storm risers/bars on yours and get it BB'd?
Thought about it and it makes sence , but unfortunatly we live in Aust and get our backsides slapped every time we go near a dealer .
Do'nt know the price of the bars but i would'nt imagine the storm bars and longer cables along with the bb kit would see me with much change out of 35000-4000 dollars ,

The power well to be honest its great but i would be lying if i said i use it , I think its more the tourque i like about the rt3 , and the effortless cruising at just all so slightly on the open roads but i think thats more to do with the comfort the screen gives me .

I'm getting soft , if its going to be long days , on speeds above 60 mph I WANT MY SCREEN HA ha
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