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I rode the roadster for a few hours and AWSOME , it was easier to throw around than my RT3 and FUUUUN to ride , , would i have one has a only bike,,,,, NO ,,,,,to big and would'nt be a comfortable tourer .

But yesterday i was in my dealers and sat on a storm . The handlebar setup changed it completly , the salesmen said the 1700 is a BIG difference , they did'nt have a demo . But when they get one i'm going ride it .

For me if them handlebars make it has comfy has the rt3 , and the 1700 makes it has tourquy has they claim .

Then the Storm would have to be the way to go with a few extras like screen long haul saet bags .

You seriously would have the one bike does all . a reasl mean street machine , with a couple of clicks turned into a tourer

I could be going down that road after i've test road one . would have to change the paint job though , blacks too fast ha ha
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