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Well, it just seems like it requires a lot of $ in maintenance, and the fact that theres a lot thats hard to do myself or cannot. Valves for example are adjusted every 12k and the cost varies wildly from dealer to dealer, but it aint cheap. from what i gathered $400 is the low, but i've heard much higher quoted. Did it myself on the speedmaster, no way in he|| would i attempt it on this. Spark plugs were nearly as time consuming and tedious to chane as doing a valve adjustment on my speedmaster ! (ok, slight exaggeration but not too much so) Tires....i have 3k on my current rear and with the 1700 kit it appears it's not going to last the 7k i was getting as a 1600. Looks like 5-6k for this one. And at $200+mounting of $30 (thats if YOU do the removal/reinstall) it gets very expensive. Then there are lots of lots of other things like coolant and brake fluid thats due every 2 years that when included along with oil changes and tires, valves, and a lot of other things i can't recall off the top of my head, it gets real expensive.

But look, any big bike you get is going to be the same. It's the price you pay for more joy. I had a speedmaster and it seemed like i spent less time and $ in maintenance, but it wasn't nearly the bike. If you think you're getting yourself in too deep, then it's not the Tbird you need to forget about, it's any big bike. just tires alone on a big bike can cost more per mile than your car takes for ALL it's maintenance. Thats the case with me and my accord. Seems like i just cooled down after sweating from removing a tire when i gotta do it again. More power/weight=more time and $ in maintenance.
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