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Bondage , the big one you have to do your homework on with the rockets is the dreaded paint can rattle , apparantly it was a serious problem with earlier models . but from what i gather even though they did'nt issuer a recall Triumph fixed most under warranty .

I answered you on the other post , and did say if i was to get rid of one of mine i iit would be the T bird , and that would be based purely and honestly because the RT3 is more comfortable . Tourque and the power are great , but oppossed to that the T bird is a easier bike to handle .
My keeping the rocket would only be because 95% of my riding is rural riding , i stay away from heavy traffic i don't commute on the bike i just ride every spare minuite i get .

But thats not too say if i was to be honest that it does'nt worry me if i'm going to have problems because it does , I often think to myself shall i get rid of it now while its running good , because its out of warranty and if it develops the problems there famous for well i'm going to be out of pocket BIG TIME , BUT THEN I THINK OFF HOW COMFORTABLE IT IS , THE POWER , THE TORQUE AND DECIDE TO RUN THE RISK.

Now if you want the honest opinion , if i was to start again, with no bike just going out to buy a bike and own one only . Without a doubt , i would go straight for the T bird because theres NO issues we know off , great bike , handles well , lots of power .

But and theres always a but , because most of my riding is long rides , generally 100-200 mile whenever i go out i would think COMFORT ,

Here in Aust we don't have the se model they refused to bring it in for unknown reasons , so i would have to go buy everything has an accesorie ther lies the problem for me . the cost of a triumph t bird with Abs . then the cost of , accesories to get the bike really comfortable , risers , longhaul seat , footboards , windscreen , . brings the bike up to the same price has a new 103 engine road king , then the road king gives you bags cruise control ect ect .

Triumph T bird for local traveling just standard , = best value bike on the road .

For touring , with all the accessories , having to be paid for on top of your purchase price , still a great bike but theres other choices .

Thats about has unbiased has i can be .

cheedrs good luck
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