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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Wait....because YOUR bike has been good they all have? How do you figure? Yes, there are plenty of people w/o the issues, but the fact yours has been good isn't the point and has nothing to do with what he wants to know which is has either bike been problematic to an abnormal degree. For the sake of argument, if there were 50% who had all the issues, that would still leave hundreds of online R3 forum members to speak up about how reliable thier bike has been. But that would leave 50% chance for the guy to buy a R3 and be sorry he did. whats the point? That doesn't help him determine if they are problematic to any degree worth worrying about and affecting his decision.

Now the tbird recalls have been a set of screws, and the difference between them and the new ones is the new ones have threadlocker on them ! not exactly the paint can rattle or tranny issues that have caused an inordinate number of R3 owners to have thier engines torn down ! The seat recall....a little metal bracket that if not changed could wear on the fender paint under the set. Why would you mention these?!! Lets get real ! Now there HAS been 1 real issue....coolant issue. And it's one that took a simple gasket to fix under warranty and didn't even leak but a few drops. People rode like that w/o losing coolant level. But i will concede it was an isse. One that has since been rectified too unlike the R3 issues because they were serious to a point triumph couldn't get them fixed for several models years, and I don't know if they even have been yet.

Now in reality i'm not sure of the percentage, but it has been inordinate. Show me a thread on ANY other triumph where some one started to ask all people with issue X to chime in and so many people did the thread was many pages long. You can't. But there are with the R3 at one of those forums i mentioned, and like i said these issue ARE documented here too. And don't ask me to search thru the forums and show you. If you want the truth, you can do that. I'm just the messenger. And also note that the point here and the question is whether the newest gen has any of these issue, not whether the past models did. He's looking to buy new, not used.

anyways, heres a guy looking to see if either bike has had serious issues so he can make a decision. Your post doesn't address his question, it only confuses it. Lets give him the truth here, not turn it into a thread about how great your particular bike has been. We could find hundreds like you, but thats not the point....the point is percentages. I expect all the other R3 guys will soon join in and at that point i'm done in this thread because i've had this argument with them before and it's senseless and useless.

Yadee yar dar ---Jeez you go on like a knob Jockey . what do you want everyone to say , Yeh you have the greatest bike

Start with you tell the guy not to listen to anyone who says they have no problems because there defending there bike ect ect . I'm telling you i've had NO PROBLEMS i ride with 2 other rocket riders and ONE did have a problem , i did'nt deny there was apparantly some problems with earlier bikes , because THERE WAS . I was just stating they apparantly seem to have been FIXED , Most who had the paint tin rattle seemed to have it in the 2005 to 2007 models AND TRIUMPH FIXED THEM .

Now i mentioned a couple of pissant little recall issues on the T Bird to illustrate how little problems they have had UP TILL NOW i hav'nt even had the coolant leak problem on mine , The guy is after info and has been told and is fully aware that the early rockets had problems but it does'nt seem like the later models are having them .

Now the T Bird like i said its early days yet , who knows given a few more riders start getting HIGH MILEAGE or they have a couple of years off selling them they MIGHT or MIGHT not develop a few teething problems . Given that he is looking at buying a NEW Rocket it seems most problems have been identified ,and fixed

The T bird at the moment does'nt apear to have any but like i said ITS EARLY DAYS .

So get of your high horse mate , there both good bikes but just because you own one don't neccesary make the t bird the only trouble free bike .

So all in all the rocket DID have a inherent problem but it seems to have been fixed .

The t bird well has its getting more popular , there seems to be more and more complaints about comfort , the suspension being harsh can bounce you out of the seat , the seat being has hard has a brick , the leaning forward with the handle bars gives people a bad back .

All easy fixed , All GENUINE problems but can be fixed BY SPENDING DOLLARS to make it more comfortable , have you told him that . . . not too mention the headlight is no better than a torch , so yeh mate the T bird is a great all round bike but its got issues wether its comfort or the headlight being out and out dangerous in rural settings through lack of light . but heh you have one so you can't forewarn him can you .

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