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The ECU (the bike's computer) automatically adapts to changes in many parameters including air pressure, temperature, altitude, or any tweaks/changes that are made or happen to the bike. The 12 minute tune is just a way to cause it to adapt right away as soon as the process is completed. If you don't do it, the bike will automatically do it as you ride anyways, tho it may take several miles. Maybe as much as 50 from what others have said. So theres really no reason to do it unless it causes certain adaptions to adjust which DO NOT adjust during normal riding. And as far as I know there aren't any that need the 12 MT to adjust. So unless i'm wrong theres no need to do it unless you are in a hurry to see how it will run once adapted after some change thats been made. For example, lets say you load a different map, or maybe TORs and a different map. Or even just pulling the air seal like many do. And you want to see what the results are. If you just ride it will happen gradually and you may not be able to feel the difference your change made. But if you make the change then do the 12 MT, you will immediately feel any difference it made.
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