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My Hyperkewl evaporative cooling vest worked GREAT on my August ride through the desert southwest last year. Obviously, I didn't have to worry about humidity in Utah, Arizona, or New Mexico in August. I got into the habit of "charging" it with fresh, cold water in the early am before leaving the motel room and putting it in a big Ziplok bag and pressing out all the air. I'd just keep it in my tank bag till the heat got really going. Even when temps were around 110 I could go through at least 2 gas stops before having to take it into the rest room and soak it again.

FYI: My vest weights almost nothing when dry, but will easily hold about 5lbs of water. Yet, it doesn't really soak your upper body when you're wearing it. Of course, I always avoid wearing cotton in that kind of heat... a few bucks spent on an UnderArmor type wicking sport tee is really worth it... especially when using an evaporative cooling vest.

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