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I left my SAI enabled because it's been said that the extra unburned fuel that doesn't get burned in the exhaust port by SAI will poison the cat. So unless you've removed your cat box i would leave SAI enabled. It doesn't affect performance in any way. All your benefit came from the seal. I have asked at several forums and even the more experienced guys who advocate removing SAI also say they would probably leave it if thier bike had a cat. Some with cats in thier headers like the bonnies and variants are said to have removed thiers with no adverse effects. But then thiers are different then our dedicated box. Whether that matters or not or whether it's risky to disable SAI with any form of cat is up in the air. I prefer not to chance it. But then mine has the BB kit and since i got that it hardly pops at all. If the cat IS poisoned, the result is the material more or less melts together causing blockage of the exhaust which if not damaging will at least lead to a non running bike. Just food for thought, and i'm only the messenger, but i thought you should know this. Always research any mod you do thoroughly before you try it or risk damaging your bike.
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