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Great advice, y'all. Living in Oregon, I definitely ride in rain if I'm going to ride anytime of the year besides summer. I don't mind the rain actually if I'm in my leathers, but snow and ice... I like the heated seats in the Murano for that

I'm gonna go do some more test riding tomorrow and feel it out. See how low he will go on the price. But I'm not in a rush to get a bike, so if I wait for an ABS version, it won't kill me. Seems like giving myself every advantage to not crash a bike or loose control is important. Especially in this day and age of more and more traffic and more people being oblivious and distracted while driving their cars, umm, I mean cages.

Seems like a big jump in theory to go from my Vulcan 500 to a Thunderbird. But riding the Bird felt very natural and I thought it handled better than the America. That's what really sells me on it. And it gets as good mpg as my Vulcan from what I hear. So if I waited a little longer to get the best Bird for my money, that'll get a few more miles under my belt, and will probably make my wife happier. But regardless, to the Triumph dealer tomorrow for some riding and haggling!
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