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Another Loose Belt

2011 Storm 1,300 miles

The wife said she could hear a chirping noise while riding two up. I couldn’t hear any noise when I rode it alone but I checked the belt and was able to move it well over an inch. I swear that the bike felt a little sloppy on tight very slow turns while slowly rolling on a very tiny bit of power as compared to when it was new. It just felt hard stay smooth on a tight turn.

I tightened the belt to where I can move it about ½ inch with ten pounds of force. This was a guess after practicing with a ten-pound weight. But the weight seems to make little difference because at the point you can’t move the belt any more it seems that it would take way more then 10 pounds to move it any further. In other words the belt pretty much stays put from 10 to at least 25 pounds of force and moves VERY little even after 25 pounds. I left it at about a ½ inch because the ¼ inch felt sooooo tight especially after coming off of adjusting dirt bike chains. I can always re-tighten but I do not know how I would tell if the belt was too tight and it would be very hard to slide the wheel forward. As compared to having the adjusters pull the wheel back.

On the test ride it felt easier to smoothly roll on small amounts of power in a tight slow turn and it felt like it had a little more snap with a blip of the throttle like the day I bought it. I swear I could feel a performance increase.

My bike was a demo with 130 miles on it. It came with the short pipes, black teardrop mirrors, the high flow air filter, re-mapping and black swing arm trim pieces. The swing arm pieces give it a very clean look hiding the axle and adjuster bolts. The down side was I had to remove the pipes to get the swing arm trim pieces off to get to the axle and adjuster bolts.

I think I got a pretty good deal on the bike, $12,500 with the full 2-year warranty. The dealer did not mention if the bike has ABS. I can see an ABS light along with the other cluster of lights but I do not know if it has ABS. I picked up the quick release sissy bar and I am waiting for the long haul rider and passenger seat which I am hoping is much more comfortable then the stock seats.

This bike is AWESOME and is a ball to ride especially through twisties and hills.
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