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Originally Posted by TBird View Post
Hi GreenTea

Do you think the backrest is worth getting?


When I bought my 'bird, I had the longhaul seat fitted as the standard passenger seat was much to small.

After about 100 miles, I get a pain in base of my back, right on the bottom of spine. I ordered the back rest and it has helped a little.

There have been some posts, that it pushed you forward on to the tank. For me it works OK, I have it on the last setting all the way back.

I do like the extra support of the back rest, have just ordered an Air Hawk 2 seat pad to see if this helps.

This is the only problem I have found so far with the bike, a sore ass on a long run.

Maybe if you could find a 'bird with a rider back rest, you could see how it feels for you.
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