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they load a tune for the kit when they install it. Should be #20310, so you surely have that. You cannot get the bike custom tuned if thats your goal unless you use one of the tuning solutions out there. the 3 i know of are as follows...

1)-power commander. This one costs about $350 USD (sorry, not sure about aus figures) and requires you have the bike dyno'd to be tunes. Thats about an additional $300 USD. It also doesn't do anything other than alter fueling. No timing, not diagnostics, etc.

2)-tune boy. This one costs more and there are fewer people who will dyno your bike with it, tho another way is to load a tune someone else uploaded online who has the same bike you do. Unfortunately i don't think the owner of tuneboy has uploaded any for the Tbird. So thats not much of an option.

3)-tuneECU. This is what most of us use and it's FREE at !!! However, also not tunes uploaded except for 2 i know of and i'm running one on my 1700 with TORs and filer. It runs great, very strong. But it gulps fuel too. It's also hard to find dyno tuners who will use it. But there are a few. The guy who uploaded his maps obviously found one.

So those are your options. Tuneboy is however located in Aus somewhere. He'll sell it to you and dyno tune your bike with it. Not sure where in Aus he is tho.

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