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About 5 years ago, I parked a motorhome in a car park and forgot to pull the handbrake fully on.

It rolled back and put a small dent in a car behind on the drivers door, it was parked with the steering to one side and rolled back at an angle.

I left a note under the wiper arm with my phone number on it. The owner a woman called me about 4 days later, she missed the piece of paper for a few days, and did not notice the dent right away.

She called me, and I asked her to get a quote local to her. The quote was for 350. I sent a cheque, decided not to use insurance, so not to loose no claims discount.

I left the note expecting to have to pay something towards getting repairs done.

The lady that knocked your bike over, is expecting to pay the costs.
Some people do have a conscience, and feel they have to do the right thing.

Don't feel guilty, it was not you error that caused the damage.
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