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Congratulations Tbird.

The longhaul dual seat is the go if you are doing big k's and value your relationship with your pillion....
When I test rode the demo bike with SWMBO, it had the standard rider seat and pillion 'brick'.... we only went about 200 metres and she said that the pillion seat was the most uncomfortable seat she had sat on... The longhaul seat was the first "Accessory" ordered.....

BUT... Here's a tip.... Buy your "extras" from the states...... On the seat alone, you'll save over $200 from Chris there is very helpful and postage is reasonable.... The more bits u order and he can fit in one box the better.... I haven't dealt with Fast Eddy, 'yet', but reading the forum, I believe he is also a good operator and forum member.... I just wish I had of realised this before I ordered all my bits thru the dealer, until recently..

Happy Days

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