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Originally Posted by DruAde View Post
More to the point my brother who cant stop going on about it
I think i understand why he takes the bike to a point where it has the kind of pull that doesn't leave you aching for more. Kinda like your minimum expectations/desires finally met. I've had it running like this before, but i can't remember what setup i had between all the tuneecu changes i've made and the hardware stuff. And it's so nice to get back to it because I was starting to feel like it wasn't running to my minimum expectations as it was before. And i was right. But you really should try dizze's 1st tune with your setup since it's the same as mine. I think it gives about as much benefit as the tors did, or at least close. I'll always be up for more power, but as it sits now i'd be satisfied if i was told it will never get stronger.
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