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DruAde...a little update here. You were definately right about the bike running much stronger without the seal. And i have some good info here for anyone who's looking at airway options. There are 3 options we know of at the filter opening....seal on, seal off, and the entire seat duct off. The 3rd option in most cases require removing the seat covering because there are not only screws on the outside holding it on, but on the inside too. To anyone who doesn't know, i did just that about 6 months ago. So i've been running with no seat duct. So here how it went....when new my bike's seal was 1/2 off because the flange had separated from the seal part 1/2 way around the filter mouth, and i taped it back into place. But it popped back off so i tore it completely off. So i never really knew what difference the seal made except on the stock bike, and there it seems not to matter. So later i took the duct off and ran it like that all the way past my BB install till recently when i told you that i put the seal back and got better torque. Well. it didn't hit me that it was the duct that made the difference, not the seal. So i removed the seal and now i'm running like you, duct but no seal. It's running like a brute ! This weekend i experimented with all 3 scenarios and the results were duct off=worse power over all, duct and seal on=like duct off but better low end torque, and duct on/no seal=best overall. 3rd scenario seems to run better than the other 2 in all ranges. So thats why you and I had different seal was off too, but so was the duct. Not sure if the duct being off runs so much worse because there is too much flow or because it's a smoother flow with the duct. But in any case the bike really goes now. I'm digging this a lot !

Now i suppose this may be very dependent on the tune. If you had a tune made with the duct off maybe the results would be the opposite. But for anyone considering taking the duct off i'd say don't. Just pull the seal.
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