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check engine light on brand new t'Bird


I started out for a ride on my 3 week old T'Bird and it stalled at the first stop sign, odd I thought but I restarted and all seemed well.Then when I came off the throttle to shift, it stalled again. When I got to the next light, I looked down and the check engine light was on, then it stalled again.

I pulled over into a parking lot and pulled out the user manual. It said that when the engine management system discovers a proble, the light goes on and it goes into "limp mode" and says something about being able to ride it with difficulty in this mode.

SO I headed back home and made it as long as I kept the engine rev'd.

My dealer is closed for the next two days, so I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues with a 2011 T'Bird 1600.
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