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more speedo woes

My 2011 Thunderbird 1600 is now just over three weeks old, and today the speedo stopped working with 860 miles on the clock. Looking at previous threads, this seems to be a slightly different variant of the problem that many have had.

Basically, the speedo reads zero. However, sometimes at low speeds it will jump up to say 30mph, and look like itís working again. Now hereís the weird thing: pulling the clutch in instantly takes the speedo back to zero. Release the clutch and it goes back to working..!

Now Iíve let the bike cool down, the speedo doesnít work at all again. Using the kill switch and restarting the engine doesnít do anything either.

Oh, and Iím in England, so sunshine and excessive temperatures arenít a factorÖ :-)

Does any of this seem familiar to anyone, or is it a new problem?
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