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The part is a screw and is the exact same part. The only difference is the new screw comes with some red threadlocker painted on the threads. And consider this....any time you remove your fender, according to triumph you need new screws because the threadlocker is no longer effective. Of course you can just get some yourself and reuse the same screws just as you could have reused the ones that came stock by using locker, but i'm sure triumph would not have that because they would tell you that you must use a certain strength. Red is usually considered semi permanent and hard to remove the screw, but who knows whether the stuff they used on the new part is truly the same as red locktite. I believe th color standards locktite uses are not standardized among other brands. With the fact those screw heads will easily strip if you aren't careful even WITHOUT threadlocker, i'm a bit worried about using the new screws on mine. I have a set because i ordered them before the bulletin even came out because i noticed this potential issue long before triumph ever mentioned it and before the issue that member had. I will use them next time i take the wheel off, but i'm honestly worried they will be impossible to remove. The first red flag for me was when i took the forks off to put the chrome legs on and the torx heads nearly stripped trying to remove them because the bit holes are rather shallow and unless the bit is seated perfectly and at exactly straight in with no angle, it's hard to torque them down good and tight w/o possibly stripping the hole. And that worried me because i saw the potential for tire damage if one came loose. This is a VERY bad and dangerous design which i believe triumph is very fearful of, hence the recall. I believe the member who's tire was damaged made them aware of the pics he posted at There is potential for million dollar lawsuits so you can imagine how important this recall is to them. Once all owners have had the screw replaced they are then safe from litigation because once they are in their defense should anyone remove them themselves would be that owners are supposed to have all work done by their dealer to insure threadlocker is used, and that it is the exact type/brand they specify.

This design IMO was done to make the bike look as custom and clean as possible to compete with HD's finish quality. On my speedmaster they screws were on the outside, and much better and safe design if not as clean looking. Clean or dead....easy choice.

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