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Dazco & Balt, here's the reply I got from the mechanic at the shop. Dazco, your idea wasn't a crazy one at all. It didn't fix it but it was worth a try. I picked up the bike today, they took off the heel/toe shifter and floorboard and put on just the peg and toe shifter. They want to see if more direct force on the downshift will have an affect. I also am paying closer attention to how I downshift. I will run it a few days and see what happens. We are trying to do whatever we can because none of us want to split the case.

I have dealt with bad dealerships with bikes and cars and I can tell you that these guys have always been upfront and straight with me and they have bent over backwards to get me riding. So I don't have any trust issues with them; by the way they are RPM Cycles in Farmers Branch Texas, just north of Dallas.

If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to chime in and thanks again Daz and Balt!


The oil we use is the only oil and viscosity that triumph endorses, castrol triumph blend. We always use the best stuff the clutch cable has an adjustment measurement of either three or four mm freeplay which is the first thing I looked at and had to be redone after I removed your clutch cover. The "twelve minute tuneup" that was spoke of is actually called an adaption process. It is done on every bike that leaves our store. It takes readings from all the sensors associated with the fuel injection system to help ensure the most perfect air/fuel mixture in individual climates and environments. along with that the ecu goes through a constant adaption process during riding at or above operating temperature. Trust me john, I have done everything aside from splitting the cases. Give it a try for a while and just try to remember exactly what you are doing if it happens again. I am off tomorrow if you pick it up but email any time
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