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It couldn't be easier to use tuneecu. I mean, remove the left side cover, plug the cable into the bike there and into the PC's USB port. Open tuneecu, load the new map into tuneecu, and turn the bike's key on without starting it. When the light turns green at the bottom right corner of tuneecu window, choose download from the context menu. In about 15 seconds it will say download done and thats it. I've done it 20 times with never a glitch.

I may try going back to the 20310 map tho because this fuel mileage is getting tiring. I got 40 twice but now i just got 34 again. Not sure why, tho it could be that mystery oil i used finally being gone after 3 tanks. (because every time i fill up theres usually a couple gallons left) Maybe that stuff does work, but whatever it is the stock map gets about 3-6 MPG better.
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