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Well I know that when they did the 500 check they adjusted the clutch cable to spec and of course they did the oil change and the worksheet says they used Castrol RS R4 10w50. The weird thing about this is it shifts fine shifting up from 1st to 6th but cruising in top gear and coming back down is the only time it has this issue with 3rd, 2nd and 1st. I can push down on the shifter and it won't budge until I stop the bike and then I can shift down and then it seems to let go and all is well. As long as I am shifting on a regular basis it is fine but like I said, if I cruise for 15 min or more in top gear, it won't cooperate. I assume that if it was the cable adjustment, it would do it in all gears not just the bottom three, should I assume the same with the oil. But I will make these suggestions to them anyway. Keep the suggestions coming and thanks again.
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