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Someone at the other forum tried the thunderbike bellmouth. He said it didn't make the power they said and removed it from his bike. As to cams, if you are asking whether TB will make a cam for the Tbird, i don't know. They are surely considering it if they aren't already in the process knowing them. But they are quite expensive. One thing that i suppose might keep them from doing it is the extra work and therefore cost it would take to add a decompressor at the end of the exhaust cam like the Tbird cams have. To be honest most of the performance stuff they make has never lived up to thier claims, so by a mile. Your best bet for cheap power is to buy the BB kit's cams only. (yes, they are available seperately) Then when it's time for your bike's valve adjustment (every 12k miles) ask them to install them. That way you would have spent the labor costs of valve adjustment anyways so it's like getting the cams installed w/o labor costs, as thy have to remove the cams for valve adjustment anyways. they may want to charge a bit more, but they shouldn't charge too much more. I think you'll get 50-75% of the BB kit's power that way, at least the HP if not torque. The kit is the way to's worth it. But if you can't afford it the cams will get you close enough and they are only about $600.
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