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BB kit cams vs stock 1700 cams

I have said here a few times that the guy who did my BB kit told me the cams are hotter than the factory 1700's. So in other words there are 3 different cams for the Tbird....1600 cams, factory 1700 cams, and the cams that come in the 1700 BB kit. And that would be in order of mildest to hottest.

Now i can't assure anyone this is a fact, but after wondering if my mechanic was right about this i finally read at that "other place" where someone said his dealer told him the same thing. I can't imagine two separate unrelated sources saying the same thing if there wasn't some truth there. So assuming this is the case, for those who want max power the BB kit seems to be the way to go. It also would speak to why there has been at least one person who said they rode both the 1600 and factory 1700 (storm i believe) and said he noticed little difference. Another said his power commander equipped 1600 w/pipes is quicker than the 1700 he rode. Owning the BB kit equipped bike i can assure you theres no way on earth any of that would happen with mine, so it may well be the case that the storm and a few other limited run factory 1700's that are now gone (limited run) do have milder cams. Maybe someone with access to the triumph parts ficshe could see if they can figure out whether this is true.
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