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Looks like i'm getting 40 or close every time now, so it wasn't just having been on the freeway for that one tank !!! But it's can't be the MMO, i believe (believe as in not sure but pretty darn sure) it's the air filter seal i replaced. I stopped putting MMO in and theres still some left since i always fill up by the time the light is on which leaves about 2.5 gallons in it. But theres very little left to be sure, so it's can't be that. Gotta be the seal. The bike runs a lot stronger in the low end with the seal back on. I was shocked. I think that since it's got considerably better low end power i don't require as much fuel to accelerate to a given degree, and thats where i know it really sucks fuel. Anyways, i'm quite relieved because i was averaging about 32-33 !

So anyone who's removed the seat duct or even just the seal itself, put it back on ! You gain a very slight bit of HP in the higher RPM's, but the low end you gain with the seal back on is far more noticeable and your MPG will be a heck of a lot better ! I'm doing close to as good as i did as a 1600 now .
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