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Originally Posted by navarre View Post
Does anyone use the leather tank cover PN A9528034? I am wanting to know if the buckle is functional or is it cosmetic and there is some sort of velcro or other quick release under it. Also have there been any paint scratching issues?
The buckle does work. It's a classic looking buckle that covers a quick release; pretty common these days for classic looks, but modern ease of use. I don't use mine anymore and it's now just sitting in the scratched the absolute hell out of my tank. It's not uncommon for covers to do some scratching, but I couldn't believe what it did to my tank. However, I blame the paint more than the cover (mine's a Haze Red 1700, see my thread "Weak Paint!"). The only way I would ever even consider using it (or anything like it) again would be if I put some of that clear 3M film on the tank everywhere the cover touched it.

However, if you still decide you want one, let me know; it's in good condition as it was only on the bike for 2 or 3 weeks and I'm sure I could be convinced to part with it cheap.

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