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Don't get me started on the shorties....i already take enough jabbing for my endless songs of praise about them. But ok, if ya gotta know, my list of benefits...

1-great sound, much better than the longs. Deep yet not too loud, just right(subjective of course)

2-yes, a serious gain in power along with a uni or other free flo filter and remap.

3-somehow it actually smoothed the bike out. Probably 25 to 50% less vibration depending on the gear and RPM you're in.

4-access to axl bolt w/o removing pipes

5-easier wheel cleaning.

6-much less expensive than any of the aftermarket pipes.

So do i like them? You could say that ! And i first put them on when my bike was a 1600, and thats where i noticed the nice power benefits. For all i know the increase may not be as good or maybe better on the 1700, but i wouldn't know because i already had the shorts when i got the BB kit installed.

As to the bars, yes, those are the triumph Tbars. They put your hands in the same position as the stock bars assuming the stock bars are adjusted as triumph intended. But every dealer installs them and adjusts them differently. And since they are adjustable like any bar thats in a riser, they might be different than the Tbars. But unless they were adjusted way up or down, the Tbars will be about the same. I bought them because i love the look. But if you do your own work be prepared....the cause any job you do that requires lifting the tank much more trouble because the tanke will not go up with the Tbars in place. So they make working on the bike a pain.
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