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because i doubt at 14k my injectors could be dirty. It's suppose to be preventative too because the buildup won't stick to surfaces that have the light oil coating MMO imparts. Or so it's said ! yes, i don't believe till i have proof.

let me tell you a little story that might illustrate why i don't disbelieve or believe w/o proof. there is another "miracle" tweak you can do that is EXACTLY like MMO in that there are many who call it snake oil. In fact, thats exactly the words that were used when i tried it several years ago on my speedmaster. Like MMO it's been around for ages and there are people who swear it works but a legion thats much larger that call it snake oil. I tried it and it was w/o a shadow of a doubt NOT snake oil. I'm talking about side-gapping spark plugs for which i was lambasted for even mentioning it at several forums. It involves cutting the ground electrode back to expose the center electrode to the cylinder to produce better combustion. let me tell you this, and you can call BS if you want but i assure you you would be wrong. It flats out works amazingly well on AT LEAST MY SPEEDMASTER. I'm not saying this works on every machine, and from what i've been told it may not work on the Tbird due to the 2 plugs per cylinder. But on my speedmaster it was amazing. the mid range throttle response was improved well beyond placebo effect. The vibration was so much better the blurry aftermarket mirrors i had cleared up about 80%, and the unstable idle it always had became slid as a rock. at the time about 10 people tried it on my suggestion and of those only one noticed nothing, the rest varied from being happy with the results to being amazed at them. Still the majority never tried it and continually made jokes about it and insulted me.

It's a fact it works, but unless YOU try it on a bike that WILL improve with it, you'll be calling snake oil on that too.

My point here is that while like i said you are likely right, you COULD be wrong. And because thats a possibility no matter how much it sounds like snake oil the same as MMO, it DID work. A closed mind and over analyzing everything leads to never finding the gold. Thats my point call it what you will, but had i listened to everyone on the side gap issue i would never have tried it. And i DID recreate the benefits of that tweak because every now and then i'd throw un-modified plugs in to see if the difference was still apparent after months of becoming used to the modded plugs and forgetting what it ran like w/o them. I was never once left thinking the difference wasn't considerable. Maybe the best single mod i did to that bike, but according to most it was snake oil and they cited plenty of reasons just like with MMO naysayers. So i refuse to make assumption based on what others say w/o trying it for myself.

And Todd....there would have been many trying to save people time and trouble with the side gapped issue, but thankfully many tried and were happy they did. We aren't talking about spending a few hundred bucks here in modding the bike where it cannot be returned to stock.

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