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I agree Engage.

Seriously, with CAFE standards in the US, don't you think the Big 3...I mean 2 would be adding magnets and recommending MMO or such to make up the difference? I mean a 10%+ increase with no engineering required.....
As far as extra lubrication, let's give the Triumph engineers who came up with our lucrication systems some credit as well as the engineers at Mobil, Castrol, et al. True, ethanol does wash down the cylinder walls- a bad thing, but so does plain gasoline. Anyone ever use gasoline to clean greasy hands?

And yes, ethanol has less BTUs than gasoline and since heat is what makes power, there is less. Besides the nasty drying effect on any part of the system that has butyl rubber, seals, tubing, etc.
EthanolOne GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) of ethanol is 1.5 gallons. This volume of ethanol has the same energy content as one US gallon of gasoline. This is because a gallon of ethanol has a lower heat value or energy content (76,100 BTU) when compared to a gallon of gasoline (114,100 BTU).

Something else to consider...if the whole purpose is to save money we spend on traveling, if we add another 4 bucks for MMO to a tankful, that's still the same as another gallon of fuel....that's like 25% savings in a 4 gallon tank.
10% savings using MMO or 25% savings not using...Hmmmm.

Tank of gas at $4.00 per gallon-$16.00 to go 120 miles
Tank of gas at $4.00+ $4.00 for MMO- $20 to go 132 miles.
or another way to look at it, Spend the same $20 and go 150 miles with just gas......


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