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I don't so much want to do it so it will last longer. The supposed benefits are lower engine noise, better power, better MPG, lubrication of upper cyl and valves, (which normal do not get lubrication) and it cleans the fuel system keeping injectors from working less efficiently over time due to buildup. Now I can't say if it even does one of those things, but It's been around forever and there are a lot of people who swear by it. So at $5 for treatment of 8 tankfuls i think it may be a very worthwhile thing to do. I don't intend to use it every tank so a bottle will last months. I also may try techron, the chevron additive that is also present in thier premium fuels. This is a cleaner only but appears to be a true and proven cleaner that lots of people swear by.
I figure i'll give them a try. Can't hurt and it's cheap.
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