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Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
According to the NHTSA link about this effects bikes manufactured between September 2009, and August 2010. My bike was made in December 2009. I just had it in for service, and the service writer told me there are no outstanding campaigns on my bike. I had him check because I wanted to know if I need the replacement seat bracket that was mentioned in another thread. Now I'm starting to doubt that he had accurate information.
This might be a dumb question but how did you determine the build date of your bike? I've been googling motorcycle VIN criteria and am only getting vague answers unless I want to pull out my credit card, but I don't want a history report I just want to know if I am effected by this recall - I know I know, I can wait until tomorrow when Bike shops open again, but this has been bugging me since I found out about the recall last night...


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