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Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
For those worried that using a stronger thread locker will make it hard to get the bolts back out...stop worrying! Thread locker keeps bolts from vibrating out. It does not work like glue or cement. With the proper tool the bolts will come right back out.
Thats not my point. The reason i worry is not because i think threadlocker is like glue, but because it DOES make it harder to crack the screw and normally that wouldn't matter but the socket holes in these screws don't let the bit grip enough. So i fear stripping the head out. I didn't just assume that might happen, it actually did the first time i removed them. Didn't strip them to where i could no longer get them out or tighten them back, but it was close enough to worry and to order new ones. Thats why i bought new screws even before we knew about this recall. like i said, i ordered them just a couple weeks ago and the dealer called and said they arrived the day i saw this recall ! Talk about coincidence.

Anyways, if the hole in the screw fro the bit were a little deeper it would be much less worry if at all. Just be real careful to keep the bit straight in and pull slowly feeling for any stripping action and if there is pound the end of the bit in and that may help. But anyways, to be clear, i just don't feel the screws offer a solid enough grip on the bit to avoid this issue easily with locktite and a screw thats torqued nice and tight. And while you may say it doesn't need to be torqued tite, this is one place i'm not taking any chances. It all comes down to they should have used bolt heads, not only for a unstrippable grip, but so they could be tightened w/o wheel removal.
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