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I would hope so, but what i was pointing out is that dealers are incredibly clueless about many things and this is one of them. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to own a bike and have them do all the maintenance w/o screwing up a good 1/2 the time. Thats why most of us had a chirp at one time or another. The mechanic who did my BB kit and installed the new warranty belt i had more confidence in because he is the USA triumph fleet manager, the guy who does all triumph's USA press bikes, IE: the bikes given out for mag reviews, demo truck, etc. So more than any dealer he is likely to know all this stuff. And sure enough he showed me the tool and explained all about the adjustment to a degree i doubt more than a few dealers understand. Thats why I suggested you ask them if they have the tool and show it to you. If they have the tool then they know what they are doing. But ask them to show you the ALIGNMENT tool, NOT the belt tension tool. that has nothing to do with the wheel alignment.
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