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This is an issue i brought up at the "other place" well over a year ago when i first had to take my fender off. And coincidentally i just ordered new screws a couple weeks ago and got them yesterday, which was the day i first heard of this recall ! Anyways, i am not sure what the fix is but i think all it is is the screws now have thread locker on them. The new screws i got had red thread locker. Now the reason i got the screws in the first place is the sockets for the star bit were slightly stripped because the hole is not deep enough to really easily get a good bite if you intend to tighten them a lot. And the reason i wanted them very tight is because this design is dangerous. If a screw comes out it will contact the tire and like a lathe it will rip thru the sidewall and if you don't catch it in time it could be disastrous. There was a guy at the other forum who this happened to exactly as i had envisioned and he caught it in time, but it did start to eat away at the tire .

So when i got the new screws yesterday and saw this recall for the first time, i asked the dealer whether the new screws i picked up were the "new" ones they are using for the recall. Looking at the part number he said they were. So i tried to determine whether they were any different but they appear the same except the thread locker they had applied. I was hoping the bit hole was deeper or the heads would be a bolt head instead of a star so that you could tighten them w/o removing the wheel. And thats where the problem's not only a bad design to have the screws go in from the inside of the fork, but the fact that it requires a star bit means theres no way to check them for tightness without removing the wheel. So unless you want to remove the wheel every so often to check them you have to trust god to keep them tight till you need a new front tire so you can check them !

All that said i guess the best you can do is use thread locker and they should be ok. The problem with that tho is those [email protected] screws worry me when it comes to removing them with thread locker. In order to insure they stay you have to really tighten them good and/or use thread locker. And then because the bit hole tends to be sorta shallow i fear it will strip the hole trying to remove them if they are very tight. Hopefully not. Hopefully if you are careful when tightening or removing them they will be ok. Just try and make sure the bit is seated as well as possible and that you don't angle it at all when pulling on the ratchet.

I just wish they would have used a regular bolt head so they could be checked using a open end wrench with the wheel on. I tried to get some screws like that when i first discovered this issue but I found it was not easy to find the exact length in a hard bolt. If they are not EXACTLY the correct lengths they won't work right because of the way they mount and while it's hard to explain exactly why, they absolutely must be the exact same length and they must be as hard or the heads will easily break off if you try and tighten them enough. Ask me how i know !

Anyways, thread locker is the way to go. I would suggest everyone visually check them often and the first time you remove the wheel to change the tire or whatever, carefully and with the correct bit remove them and reinstall them with thread locker and tighten as much as you can w/o damaging the heads. Why the recall affects only certain vin numbers is beyond me because i see no difference other than the thread locker. Not sure why they wouldn't have put it on all bike, especially since it appears not to affect the first run of bikes. Why would they use thread locker at first then stop for a while then start again? Odd. Anyways, be aware of this issue, it could be very disasterous !
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