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Originally Posted by TBirdDaryl View Post
Keep in mind there are a lot of factors involved such as riding style, load (solo, 2-up), etc... I'm not a very big guy (150 lbs), ride solo 95% of the time and ride "sedately" (to use dazco's term) 95% of the time. I just went over 3K on my T-Bird and the tires look great. I fully expect to get at least 10K out of them easily. My Tiger 1050 has 4600 miles on it and the tires (Michelin Pilots) on it look great too.

I had a Heritage Softail years ago and would get 14K or so out of the rear and 25K or so out of the rear.

FTR, I replace tires when they get to the wear bars so I'm not talking about wearing down to the point of having a slick.
The quoted reply was mine from May of last year. I'm now at 8400 miles and my OEM tires look great. I'll easily get 12K out of them, maybe more. For the record, I run them at the recommended pressures found on the frame and in the manual (36 and 38, if I recall correctly).


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