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Im totaly the oposite I had a screen once on my VN900 took months to get it to not feel like some gremlin smashing me on the side of the head with a hammer after 50mph. Finally made some big big lowers and that cured it to some extent .

Was fine until I got the bird and decided I didnt want to ruin the look of the bike with a screen. Now I find I like the wind in my face . The air is clean as I have the headlite cowl on the front and that delivers pure clean air and a riders backrest so I am not hanging on for grim death at highway speeds 90mph plus. I find this the best compromise for me . Yeah in winter it would be nice to have some protection but that just isnt going to happen . No screen will ever be able to provide the protection and comfort a full fairing will. And who wants to look like a gimp with one of those on their bike . Where's mr Lopez lol?
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