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Originally Posted by TBirdDan View Post
I just traded up to a tbird from a Vulcan 500 with a National Cycle screen. I do get considerable more turbulence on the tbird. I tried scooting up a little on the seat, and that seemed to help. I'm 5'11'', so I was able to comfortably scoot up a bit. I also

Has anyone installed Triumph's lower air deflector kit? Did it do any good? The deflectors don't look all that big.
The SE comes with the lowers installed on the same locking bracket as the windshield. At 65 mph in a strong headwind I get some buffeting but it's manageable. Now a strong crosswind gust from 4 and 8 o'clock tends to move the bike over a bit if I'm not prepared for it.

The lowers are not big in surface area, but they seem to work well. In my first rain (very light) my knees remained dry. From the top of my boots down got a bit damp. It might be different in heavier precipitation.

I'm planning to pull the windshield off when I am on vacation at the end of the month to see how she does without it.

My question is which is worse, buffeting windshields, or full body blasts without one?

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