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I've got the roadster screen on my SE. I got the bike two days ago and, like you, I took it out and rode about 5 miles with my full faced Nolan helmet on. The noise and buffeting was too much to bear. So I came home and swapped out the Nolan for my open faced Shoei helmet and took another ride. Still way too windy but not noisy. So I came home and put on the old plastic face shield (you know, the kind that snap on the open faced helmets) and took it out again. Finally, I had a set-up that worked. I'm 6'1" and look completely over the roadster screen. But the face shield on my helmet seems to block the air coming over the screen. I had little buffeting until about 65mph. Then it started to get a little crazy, but I probably spend 95% of my time at speeds under that so I think that is my solution for now. I think the bottom line is that sometimes a change in helmet or helmet design could make a big difference. Hope this helps.

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