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Pics added

Here are the pics you asked for.

Here is what I cut off. I cut the stock bracket off right where it starts to angle out just below the reflector.
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This is the backing plate in place. You can see the weatherproof spade connectors I used for the connections to the lighted frame sticking out of the hole. I drilled a 1/2" hole in the plate for the wires to come through and mounted it with 3 bolts. I didn't drill the 3 bolt holes on the bike. One hole is there from the bolt that held the stock light and the other 2 are the holes from where the reflector was mounted. They just happened to line up good for this application.
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This shows the wires under the fender. The old wires are just long enough to reach the stock light, so after cutting the light off, I soldered a couple of inches of wire back on to stick through the hole.
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You will also need to put a small notch in your license plate in the upper right corner for the wires on the lighted frame to go through. It's covered when the frame is in place.
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You can run the wires however you wish, but I placed four 1/4" spacers (one on each license plate bolt) between the lighted frame and backing plate so the wires could sit in between the license plate and the backing plate. You don't notice it when it's assembled.

Good luck with your mod, I think you'll be happier with the looks.

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